Big New Year’s Issue of Grazia: We Believe in Miracles
Release has two covers.
11 december 2020
Grazia Launched Telegram Channel
Celebrity news now available on @graziarussia.
6 april 2020
Grazia Special: The New Norms and Those who Set Them
The fall special issue is already on sale.
30 october 2019
Grazia Invited Guests to Chanel Moscow Studio Boutique
Event devoted to symbols of legendary brand.
13 august 2019
Grazia Releases Special Issue in Table-Book Format
Volume to come out twice a year.
25 march 2019
Grazia Started New Season
Magazine held private party for business partners, celebrities, and bloggers.
19 february 2019
Travel Beautifully with Grazia
Magazine’s summer beauty box contains everything for vacation.
16 august 2018
Grazia Holds Fashion Voyage
Magazine organized summer festival at Fashion Season shopping gallery.
6 august 2018
Grazia Box: Stylish clutch bag with superior cosmetics
Magazine presented its first beauty box.
18 june 2018
Grazia Gathered Business Partners for Brand Breakfast
Publication shared current successes and future plans.
14 june 2018
Grazia Issues Invitation to DLT Beauty Day
Festival to be held in St. Petersburg on April 14.
11 april 2018
Grazia Releases New Issue
Readers to find everything about spring trends.
2 april 2018
Grazia Releases New Issue
In this issue – Fashion Week in Paris, Jennifer Lawrence, and much more.
13 march 2018
Grazia Throws Fall Party
Magazine wraps up the season with its business partners and friends.
10 november 2017