Esquire in May: The Direction of Russian Cinema

The May issue of Esquire is devoted to modern Russian cinema: its critics and creators discuss the industry’s problems and real achievements. 

Also in this issue: 

  • Ivan Yankovsky appears on this month’s cover. In an interview with Esquire, this scion of a famous acting dynasty talks about the painful process of creative search and of how he takes pleasure in it.  
  • A film critic, director, producer and representative of online cinema discuss the present and future of Russian cinema and try not to argue in the process. 
  • The stories of ten young film professionals – from screenwriters to costume designers – on whose shoulders rests the future of the industry.
  • Posters of Soviet films released in the West: how they were created and what role they played in the popularization of domestic cinema abroad. 
  • The rules of life according to Stanley Kubrick, Sergei Eisenstein and others. 

The magazine is already on sale. 

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