Non-anonymous Alcoholics Podcast from Domashny Ochag

Domashny Ochag has released the first episode of its podcast Non-anonymous Alcoholics. Narcological Health of the Nations Institute Director Oleg Zykov explains which strategy a family should adopt if a loved one has a problem with alcohol. 

The Non-anonymous Alcoholics podcast is an honest and wide-ranging conversation about alcoholism in Russia. Domashny Ochag magazine Editor-in-Chief Natalia Rodikova and website Editor-in-Chief Stasya Sokolova host the show. On each episode, they will talk with substance abuse experts and psychologists about how to help alcoholics return to normal life. The Non-anonymous Alcoholics podcast is not a journalistic survey of the problem and its causes, but a clear guide to which strategy the families of addicted individuals should adopt.  

The project is carried out with support from Storytel. 

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