Novy Ochag (New Hearth) is a brand that has continued and reimagined the Domashny Ochag philosophy. It is new because women today face new challenges and new tasks every day, and every day we learn to solve them in new ways. Novy Ochag is media in which a woman feels supported, finds inspiration for various aspects of her life and receives professional recommendations from the brand’s experts and journalists.

Covers all sectors of a modern woman's life
Brand News
Novy Ochag Named Best Social Project in Russia
The brand received an award in the Socially Responsible Media category.
24 june 2024
Special Issue of Novy Ochag: We’re On Our Way
The issue is devoted to travel in the broad sense of the word.
20 may 2024
Novy Ochag at Tyumen Region Cultural and Educational Forum
Novy Ochag Editor-in-Chief Natalia Rodikova took part in the panel How to pitch your projects to the media.
2 may 2024
The Italian Connection: Novy Ochag Holds Its Second Themed Brunch
The brand continued a series of events aimed at consolidating experts and bloggers.
24 april 2024