Domashny Ochag and AI Help Spruce Up Interiors

Independent Media continues to develop AI-based services. Last year, it launched the Cosmo Look project for shopping lovers that enabled people to select a personal image from photos and immediately purchase all of its component items.

The new service will help those who want to update their home’s interior. The “Dom" (House) section of the Domashny Ochag site,, regularly publishes articles devoted to interior design and décor. Now, users will find a widget under the photos: by clicking on it, they will see suitable options in a range of price categories and can immediately go to the online store to make a purchase.

The CookHouse, Grohe, HomeMe, InMyRoom, Tvoy dom (Your House), and Eldorado online stores are partners to the project and, together, they offer more than 300,000 different items. The list of retail partners will continue to grow.

Domashny Ochag Editor-in-Chief Natalia Rodikova:
“The audiences’ interests are the top priority at Domashny Ochag. We are always looking for solutions that will help our readers bring their dreams to life with the minimal expenditure of time. Creating a home interior that turns an ordinary space into an inviting home and hearth is no simple task. Buyers now have a wide choice, but making sure everything is right often takes a lot of time searching through all of the options and calculating costs. By using Sarafan AI technology, our new furniture selection service displays all the options in one place. What’s more, once the user has made a choice, he or she can make the purchase directly from the site. This makes the process both pleasant and convenient."

As it did with the Cosmo Look project, the Sarafan AI service in the Microsoft Azure cloud serves as a partner to this initiative. A specially trained neural network model recognizes furniture, lamps, electronics and household appliances in photographs and videos, and the developers plan to expand the categories of objects it can recognize. The technology is exclusive to the site

Domashniy Ochag Brand Manager
Anna Khiryanova /