Vkusno i Polezno Culinary Festival

The Vkusno i Polezno culinary festival organized by Domashny Ochag magazine was held at the Muzeon Park of Arts on June 1 and 2. More than 27,000 people attended the event. The festival was a present to guests from the 98 official participants who worked hand in hand with the organizers to make it a positive experience for everyone.

A truly enchanting mood reigned for two days at Muzeon, as guests enjoyed the first days of summer, pleasant sunshine, a sea of delicious food, interesting workshops, unique shopping items, useful ideas, an endless number of smiles and the frequent laughter of children.

Event partners helped create the main kitchens for the festival: IKEA provided an impressive summer kitchen, and it became even classier thanks to designer appliances by Smeg and Parka BT dishware. Guests benefited from cooking tips offered by professional chefs, television hosts, the authors of bestselling cookbooks, bloggers, amateur cooks and, of course, Vkusno i Polezno magazine editors.

Visitors were treated to pleasant music from Romantika radio as they entered the park and could munch on crunchy carrots provided by Belaya Dacha, an annual partner to the event. Twice as many people attended the festival this year and visited the various venues present — Souvenir Stall, Workshop, Shopping Row, Grill Glade, Food Tasting Zone, Field of Beauty, Food Court and Kid’s Corner. Official partners invited guests to sample their food and drink products in dozens of pavilions set up at the festival.

The TLC television channel, media partner to the event, set up a small movie theater where it presented the best episodes from its “30 Minutes and It’s Ready” show, and program host Yelena Usanova conducted numerous exciting workshops for people wanting to learn how to quickly and easily prepare attractive and healthy dishes. “Two and a Half Chefs” program hosts Albina and Kristina, along with Pro Décor TV program designers also shared their culinary and design ideas with festival guests.

Guests were even treated to a full program of performances held on a stage on the front porch of a designer house on the green periphery of the park. They watched the “Upside Down Salad” show by performing chefs and a Venetian story by the Theater of Taste, and then joined in for morning calisthenics, outdoor games, a polka, a square dance and much more.

Domashny Ochag and Vkusno i Polezno look forward to seeing guests at the next festival in 2014!

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