Novy Ochag – Winter: The Season of Happiness

The feature story of the new issue looks at what we remember about the winter of our childhood and how it affects us now. 

The history of the New Year holiday and its celebrations, from the 19th century to the present – as seen in facts, pictures, and memoirs of Erik Bulatov, Garri Bardin, Denis Dragunsky, Nikolai Drozdov and other iconic figures. How do they remember the winters of 1941, 1957, 1970 and 1980? Snow Maiden ice skates, a father who returned from the war, a bulletin-board newspaper during the evacuation, a slide at Alexander Park… 

On the cover (this time there are two of them) are the works of the Moscow ceramist Elena Skvortsova, who paints “Soviet childhood" with such recognizable images as heartwarming fur hats, fur coats, and sleds.

Also in this issue: 

  • Make-up in retro style.
  • Fashion in an “old" apartment.
  • Stories from Christmas Tree ornament makers.

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