Fall Issue of TechInsider Created with Midjourney Neural Network

The new issue of TechInsider was one of the first in Russia to come out with a cover drawn by the neural network Midjourney. Neural networks also executed the illustrations for several of the articles on its pages. Working from scratch, the process took several days and was facilitated by Pic-o-Matic illustration agency co-owner and prompt designer Vadim Polyakov. The legendary Sergey Tsyptsyn, a leading expert on Metaverses and computer graphics, wrote a major article about graphic neural networks for this issue.

Also in this issue:

  • Three times a charm: a super-heavy isotope of hydrogen might give us batteries that work for decades without recharging.
  • Food that doesn’t kill the planet: microorganisms capable of synthesizing complex organic molecules will help feed the constantly expanding human population.
  • In the beginning was the word: to wind up with a picture, you no longer need to be able to draw. It is much more important to learn how to select the right verbal cues.
  • Shall we fly? As early as the 2030s, it will be possible to order food delivered by drone or escape the city in a flying taxi.
  • In the footsteps of the Armata: the appearance of the conceptually new T-14 Armata armored vehicle raises the question of whehter the tank has lost its meaning. 

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