Grazia Hosted Evening of High Society at Seasons Shopping Gallery

On June 15, Grazia and the Seasons Shopping Gallery held a high society cocktail party devoted to the Grazia – Life in Motion exhibition project. At Okhotny Ryad, visitors have until July 10 to view stills from a Grazia shoot that go beyond ordinary celebrity photos.

A number of luminaries were on hand to support the brand, including Marina Dobrovinskaya, Alexander Siradekyan, Alina Bure, Anna Tikhomirova, Artyom Denisov, Vyacheslav Makarov, Masha Tsigal, Diana Dzhanelli, Dina Nemtsova, Dmitry Panteleev, Dmitry Dudinsky, Elena Dudina, Irina Chaykovskaya, Konstantin and Olga Andrikopoulos, Kristina Shapovalova, Lydia Alexandrova, Madonna Mur, Monica Abner, Olga Panchenko, Olga Tarasova, Pavel Kamin, Yulia German, Tim Ilyasov, photographer Anastasia Ryabtsova and many others. 

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