Popular Mechanics Spoke with Biohacker Chris Dancy

Popular Mechanics Editor-in-Chief Alexander Grek served as moderator for an open interview with Chris Dancy, a famous biohacker known as “the most connected human on Earth." Their conversation was part of the Healthy Moscow Assembly.

Chris Dancy has been gathering and analyzing information about himself for 10 years and now takes 700 measurements simultaneously. Alexander Grek asked Mr. Dancy how he ended up monitoring absolutely everything about his life and health, where a person should start in gathering information about himself and how not to get overwhelmed by the flow of data, why he believes it is pointless to struggle against aging, and what prospects for biohacking he sees in the modern world.

The 18th Healthy Moscow Assembly has held on January 16-19 at VDNKh. Guests could learn about modern concepts for healthy lifestyles and proper diet, take a well body test, and listen to talks by experts.