Domashny Ochag Live: “Did I Get Lucky, or Did I Deserve It?”

The latest episode of the Domashny Ochag talk show on the Odnoklassiniki social network garnered more than 1.6 million views. During the live broadcast, Domashny Ochag Chief Editor Natalia Rodikova interviewed guest speakers Tatiana Lazareva and Aurora to discuss the extent we are responsible for the things that happen to us.

Ms. Rodikova asked her guests: “Does a person simply get lucky, or does she deserve what happens to her?" She also asked: “What did they have to sacrifice for your successful career?" “Is personal beauty innate or the result of investing in yourself?" and “Is a happy family simply the result of good fortune or of hard work?"

“Of course, everything that happens is the result of our efforts," answered Ms. Lazareva. “I have had very little good luck in my life." Aurora, meanwhile, was certain that she had always been very lucky – in her personal life and in her work, albeit with some tests and difficulties along the way. But she said you need to maintain that good luck through hard work, personal development and the ability to make the right decisions.

Natalia Rodikova then offered a more scientific view of luck. Citing studies on the subject, she said that “lucky" people possess the ability to notice chance opportunities, to look at failures as valuable experiences and to learn from mistakes. They also like to try new things, invest in their personal development, set goals and achieve them, and to befriend others and win their support.

You can view the talk show on the page of Domashny Ochag on the Odnoklassniki site.

Domashniy Ochag Brand Manager
Anna Khiryanova /