Natalia Rodikova Discussed Feminism’s Influence on Glossies

Domashny Ochag Editor-in-Chief Natalia Rodikova took part in a roundtable discussion titled “How feminists rained on the parade. The problems that feminism actually solves." Activists Oxana Vasyakina and Zalina Marshenkulova joined Ms. Rodikova for the discussion.

Roundtable participants examined Russia’s current feminist movement. Ms. Rodikova described the problems that women’s glossy magazines encountered with the rise of feminism. Editors had to revise their concept to speak the same language as modern women who want to be free in their rights, dreams, and actions, and who might choose to be happy on their own, and not simply as an adjunct to men. 

Domashny Ochag is actively expanding on these topics – talking about the woman’s place in society, freedom of choice, self-realization, and women’s safety in the family. The brand supports women who inspire others with their deeds and active approach to life. 

The roundtable discussion was held on September 7 at the Moscow International Book Fair at VDNKh, and with support from the ACT publishing house and Domashny Ochag.

Domashniy Ochag Brand Manager
Anna Khiryanova /

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