Domashny Ochag Tells Parents about Children

Domashny Ochag will hold an educational conference, Children and Parents of the 21st Century – Narrowing the Gap. The event will take place on October 12 in the Deworkacy space.

The program includes lectures and seminars on new tasks that parents face, what a modern school should be like so that children would want to learn, bullying, children’s health, and much more. Expert psychologists, pediatricians and teachers will address the assembled guests.

The headliner of the conference is psychologist Lyudmila Petranovskaya. She will explain how today’s children differ from the previous generation and how parents can find the right approach to educating them. Pediatrician and writer Fyodor Katasonov will explain the principles of a progressive approach to children’s health and answer listeners’ questions.

TravliNET anti-bullying program coordinator Maria Svir and crisis psychologist Maria Zelenova will explain what parents and teachers should do if a child is bullied at school, or if your own child bullies others. Change One Life foundation psychologist and expert on difficult teenage behavior Elena Manchinskaya answers parents’ questions: how to talk with pre-teens, and how to keep them on the “straight path" while remaining friends.

Teachers from the Tubelsky School, European Gymnasium and New School will hold a discussion on modern education: how can it meet the needs of the times and be suitable for today’s children who do not automatically accept teachers’ authority and who generally question the need to attend class.

Conference sessions will also look at how electronic gadgets and the Internet have changed family life and what to do about it; how to convince your child to eat properly, especially if his health requires it; and how to raise boys and girls in today’s world given the new gender issues in society.

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Domashniy Ochag Brand Manager
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