Popular Mechanics in September

The new issue of Popular Mechanics magazine is devoted to cars. Editors asked experts for their opinions on where the auto industry is headed – and not only with regard to electric cars. The time is coming when the steering wheel disappears from salons, when cars begin silently communicating with each other through the cloud, and when road accidents finally become a thing of the past. Read about it in this no-longer-so-implausible story.

Also in the September issue:
Personal experience: five years behind the wheel of a Tesla.
Test drive the Yandex Station with Alisa.
Sunnier climes this summer: how the Parker probe keeps from melting down as it flies closer to the sun than Mercury – and why it went there in the first place.
Materials on demand: how to task a computer with creating a formula for flexible glass that is stronger than steel and other useful things?
High fashion: for the debut of the new Orlan ISS spacesuit by Roscosmos, PM talks about why there is still no spacesuit for the exploration of Mars.
The ever-changing word: languages are like living organisms: they either evolve or they die.
Russia’s new armored tank doctrine and the combat support vehicles for the Terminator and Terminator 2 tanks.

The issue when on sale on August 21.

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