Cosmopolitan and VKontakte Released Joint Issue

Cosmopolitan, the most successful glossy brand in Russia joined forces with VKontakte, the country’s most popular social network, to create a special issue devoted to all things digital. The leading figures of the Russian Internet appear on the pages of the September issue of Cosmopolitan, while supplementary material to the print edition appears on the VKontakte platform.

This month’s cover features TV host and video blogger Anastasia Ivleeva. Other popular Runet bloggers and leading IT company representatives talk about the rules of life online – everything on how to communicate, work and earn a living, make acquaintances, fall in love, build a business, and become famous. The guest editors and featured personalities of this issue include Sonya Esman, Irina Gorbacheva, Maria Minogarova, Ida Galich, Murad and Natalia Osmann, Manizha, Mariana Ro, Dasha Kos, Agniya Ditkovskite, Alexandra Revenko, Nadezhda Dorofeeva, Alena Shishkova, Amiran Sardarov, Alexander Khomenko and Natali Yaschuk, Gusein Gasanov, Nika Viper, Arina Kholina.

By scanning QR codes found on the magazine’s pages, readers can switch to the VKontakte platform to view materials that Cosmopolitan created especially for this issue: interviews, backstage scenes at photo shoots, beauty tests, fashion tips and much more – more than 30 video clips in all.

In tandem with the rollout of this issue, Cosmopolitan released a branded template for VKontakte with which any user can create a magazine cover featuring a photo of themselves. Users of the social network can also use a sticker pack themed to the publication that features a real Cosmo girl.

“In these turbulent times, it is not enough to lead your segment,” said Maria Kolmakova, Managing Director of the Cosmopolitan project. “You also need to follow the interests of the segment’s customers, expand the boundaries of your interaction with them, and offer the audience products and formats that not only reflect trends, but better yet, stay one step ahead of them. The main factor determining the success of the most progressive media projects is a combination of high-quality content, the latest technologies, and a phenomenal familiarity with the audience. An era with a new emphasis on sincerity has begun, and Cosmopolitan – the most famous glossy brand in Russia – has always been distinguished for its sincerity. The VKontakte social network and Cosmopolitan had the idea to make a large-scale exciting digital issue with augmented reality and exclusive video shoots with the leading figures of the digital world. We were so inspired by this idea that we created a truly unique and unparalleled product,” said Ms. Kolmakova.

“This is the first time that VKontakte has teamed up with the media in this way,” said the social network’s Head of Media Relations, Ekaterina Yakusheva. “We will be very interested to see the final result. We believe that offline and online platforms will merge in the future, creating a single environment for the consumption of information. Cosmopolitan is an iconic publication, and we are glad they agreed to participate in this experiment. We hope that both younger readers and those who have been with Cosmo for many years will try it,” she said.

The September issue of Cosmopolitan went on sale August 14. A video announcement of the release is available for viewing on the Cosmopolitan page on YouTube.
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