Domashny Ochag in May

In the new issue of Domashny Ochag magazine, readers will learn how to mix and match bright colors in order to radiate youth and a super spring mood. Cosmetologists share tips on which beauty devices could serve as excellent alternatives to beauty salon procedures. Also, 17 picnic ideas and instructions to make the ideal flower bed.

The issue’s featured celebrity, actress Elena Podkaminskaya, talks about what motherhood means to her, learning to love your regrets, and how, as an actress with a creative character, beauty helps her develop her onstage image.

Also in this issue:
Events & people: concerts, festivals, films and new books; actor Timur Batrutdinov gives a man’s take on what women should know about them;
Fashion & beauty: finding the key to your detailed personal style; testing mascara;
Family & relationships: how to maintain familial harmony if your husband is a workaholic; helping your children prepare for year-end exams;
Home & interior: design ideas for bright apartments for families with children, and designer tips for curtains;
Health & fitness: the best ways to cope with the allergy season;
Recipes & cooking: lunch at the dacha – green menus;
Travel: Norway – the rugged beauty of the fjords.

With Domashny Ochag celebrating 20 years in Russia in 2015, the magazine is dedicating the year to their readers. The “Heroine of our Time" competition continues, with participants vying for prizes in five categories: Most Stylish, Super Mom, Success and Career, Good Deeds and Gifted Hands. Contestants are encouraged to write in about themselves, as well as their talents, interests and achievements in any field. Find more information about the contest at

The May issue of Domashny Ochag went on sale April 14. The electronic version of the magazine is available in the App Store and from Google Play.

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