Cosmopolitan Unites Readers Across Russia

On June 20, Cosmopolitan magazine held its rousing national Cosmo Day — an exciting event designed to unite the magazine’s readers. Together, we can accomplish anything, and the hundreds of readers who took part in a flash mob were living proof.

A wonderful mood, smiles and fun — these words describe the atmosphere that prevailed at the Cosmopolitan event on that sunny summer evening in Gorky Park. The Cosmo ribbon has become the main symbol of the occasion, a sign distinguishing true Cosmo Girls that connotes an active and positive young woman who radiates beauty and joy. Readers tied the ribbons to their arms, handbags and telephones, some adorned their hair with them, and still, others put them on their boyfriends. Having thus joined the Cosmo movement, the women posed for photos and posted the images with the #cosmoday hashtag on social networks. A number of the magazine’s friends were spotted wearing Cosmo ribbons including Ksenia Borodina, Anton Komolov, Lena Katina, Timur Solovyov, The Einstein Girls, Snezhina Kulova, Sergei Zhukov, the BandEros group and many others.

U TV and Muz TV channel host Alexander Khomenko led the flash mob. Everyone got pumped up by an entertainment program in which they learned the Cosmo dance to the Pitbull & Christina Aguilera tune “Feel This Moment.” Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Alya Badanina was even spotted among the dancers. The musical program continued with performances by the BandEros and DASviDOS groups in Moscow and Yegor Sesareva and the Marsel group in St. Petersburg.

At exactly 8 p.m., the readers gathered in each city released hundreds of helium balloons into the sky, each carrying a Cosmo ribbon inscribed with personal wishes. In addition to Moscow, flash mobs were staged in St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg. Everyone who was unable to participate in person could take part online at the site.

The June 20 holiday kicked off a large-scale, national Cosmo movement in which the key participants will become Cosmo agents. In the June issue, Cosmopolitan announces that it will be hiring for the dream jobs in a host of Russian cities. In this way, the magazine inspires confidence among young, goal-oriented women and enables them to support each other and to work together to meet their goals.

We are many — and together we can do anything!

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