Culinary Gift from Domashny Ochag

September marks the launch of the Domashny Ochag promotional campaign: “Two magazines for the price of one.” The October issue, which was released for sale on Sept. 13, includes an updated version of Vkusno i Polezno magazine as an insert.

An advertising campaign is planned in support of the promotion. Commercials will air on the Domashny, CTC, TNT and Kukhnya television stations as well as the Dacha and Pervoye Populyarnoye radio stations. Print ads will appear in such magazines as Gastronom, KhlebSol, Pervoye-Vtoroye-Tretye, Cosmopolitan, Story, Moi Krokha i Ya, Mamas&Papas, Psychologies, Domoi, Yoga Journal and others. Ad support is also planned for point of sales locations.

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