Cooking is Easy with Domashny Ochag

Domashny Ochag magazine has started publishing a new series of cookbooks titled “Cooking is Easy!” The series will include 11 volumes. The first, “Lunch & Dinner,” will appear on September 28 and will be followed by a new volume every month. Each volume will contain outstanding and practical cooking instructions.

  • Volume 1: Lunch & Dinner;
  • Volume 2: Pastries & Baked Goods;
  • Volume 3: Setting the Table & Entertaining;
  • Volume 4: Meat & Chicken;
  • Volume 5: Cakes & Cookies;
  • Volume 6: Food for Your Health and for the Fast;
  • Volume 7: Shish kabob & Grill;
  • Volume 8: Salads & Vegetables;
  • Volume 9: Pickling & Preserves;
  • Volume 10: Soups & Sauces;
  • Volume 11: Rice & Pasta.

Domashy Ochag editors have developed an original and convenient format, selected simple and tasty dishes and added quality illustrations.

The cookbook series will be available wherever print media is sold. The recommended selling price is 250 rubles ($8) per volume.

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