Harper’s Bazaar: Fashionable Moscow through the Eyes of Scott Schuman

Harper’s Bazaar magazine presents a special project: Moscow fashion through the eyes of the world-famous photographer and author of one of the most influential resource works for world fashionistas – the renowned Sartorialist blog – Scott Schuman.

Schumann, known and respected in the world fashion community, will make his first visit to Moscow at the invitation of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Here he will create a thematic photo session – portraits of the flashiest members of Moscow’s high society elite, creative bohemians, as well as Moscow’s club life and culture.

The Satorialist is in perpetual pursuit of the latest fashion events, and is at the same time a key influence on the evolution of fashion. The blog seems to operate beyond the limits of space and time: New York, London, Paris and Milan – we get the impression that Mr. Schuman is in all of the world’s fashion capitals simultaneously, and that his lens captures the people who personify the spirit of the moment.

Scott Schuman was born in Indiana, where he graduated with a university degree in clothing design. Schuman has worked in the fashion industry for the last 15 years, first in marketing and sales for luxury designer collections such as Valentino, then in collaboration with company-distributors such as Onward Kashiyama where he represented such names as Helmut Lang and Jean-Paul Gaultier. He later opened his own showroom where he featured such design names as James Coviello, Peter Som and others.

Schuman writes a monthly column for GQ magazine, has signed contracts for two books, collaborates with the authoritative Style.com website, and recently held a personal exhibition in New York City. He also worked as a model for an advertising campaign promoting Gap stores’ autumn collection.

Scott Schuman is currently the author of one of the world’s most influential fashion resources, a website where he posts his photographs of interestingly dressed, stylish people whom he meets on the street of cities across the globe. Thanks to its unerring taste and unbiased viewpoint, his photo blog The Satorialist was named by Great Britain’s Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential fashion resources.

At the suggestion of Harper’s Bazaar, Schuman will visit fashion shows by leading Russian designers during Russian Fashion Week, as well as attend evening events, social functions and Moscow clubs where he will “hunt” for people to photograph who look not only fashionable and fresh, but who have their own, unique style.

The result of the cooperation between the famous face-hunter and the authoritative magazine will be a unique photo session – a series of photographs capturing images of Moscow fashion with an unbiased and fresh, professional eye for those people who are forming today’s look.

The most interesting and stylish images will be published in The Sartorialist blog, on the website www.bazaar.ru and on the pages of Harper’s Bazaar.

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