Esquire from Mikhailovskoye

The November issue of Esquire, which was prepared by a guest editorial staff in the village of Mikhailovskoye, Pushkin entailed property, includes:

  • ABCs of modern Russia
  • The Pushkin Hills inhabitants' opinions of the poet
  • Alexei German, Alexander Mitta and other guest editors' opinions of modern Russian cinema
  • Maxim Kurochkin's new play about a grandfather and a grandson
  • A lecture on how to organize one's own state and several tips on where to do this.

    In addition, the issue contains the life rules of Sean Penn, Oleg Tabakov and Bill Gates, an interview of the man who drowned Andy Warhall in tomato soup, Alexander Genis' last death notice, Valery Panyushkin's Chinese lesson and Vladimir Paperny's first story of 72 words.
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