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Robb Report is the only media brand about the “Rolls-Royce lifestyle." A guide to the world of luxury, it is designed for the most demanding and sophisticated readers. Robb Report talks about every aspect of the luxury lifestyle, from new luxury-class products to the most interesting events. Robb Report readers — business owners, top managers, and creative and intellectual elite — value their time, are open to new impressions and ideas, and choose only impeccable style and the finest quality because they care about the things in their lives, and the lives of their loved ones.

Published since 2004
Monthly frequency
22 000 copies
Unique content about luxury goods, services and travel for an exclusive audience with high income.
Brand News
Best of the Best: Flagship Issue of Robb Report Russia
The best of the past year in the luxury industry.
26 june 2019
Robb Report Russia in June
Issue devoted to art deco and other current interior design trends for the luxury segment.
10 june 2019
Robb Report Russia in March
Issue devoted to this season’s travel and style.
7 march 2019
Robb Report Russia in February
Cover story – collecting.
7 february 2019