Large Fashion Issue from Grazia: The Route is Set

Grazia released a large fashion issue on September 5.

Inside, readers will find exclusive content about the unique jewelry collection of the House of Chanel – straight from the British Museum; the first couture collection of dresses in the history of Chopard with exclusive-to-Grazia commentary from its creator, Caroline Scheufele; inspiring fashion photography, imbued with the romance of the road and the spirit of adventurism; bold images and an original look at this fall’s wardrobe; detailed research on the Russian and global nutrient markets and expert advice on nutrient use; an overview of the best vacation spots for snatching the last bit of summer – from Turkey and Greece to the Maldives and Oman, as well as St. Petersburg as one of this fall’s most exciting destinations; and, of course, traditional reviews of beauty news and salons; the most interesting restaurants; tips on creating universal and trendy looks; and this fall’s main events in the world of culture, fashion and beauty. 

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