The Moscow Times Adopts New Format

English-language newspaper The Moscow Times is changing format. Beginning November 5, it will be published every Thursday in a new and modern design, while the number of pages will increase from 12 to 16–24. It remains a free newspaper.

As it makes the transition to a weekly format, the printed newspaper will continue to focus on Russia’s domestic and foreign policy, the economy, business and culture. All its supplements will also remain intact: Real Estate Quarterly, Jobs & Careers, Lifestyle Guide, Travel Guide and also country and sector-specific magazines.

Instead of the usual news, the newspaper will offer readers analysis and commentary from the best political scientists in Russia and abroad, experts and businesspeople. The main changes will affect sections on expat life in Moscow and things for visitors to do – from entertainment, culture and educational articles and reviews of consumer trends to municipal information and announcements.

And in place of the usual shortlists of editors’ picks for places and events, the new format will features three full pages of recommendations. It will include announcements for events of interest to the newspaper’s target audience as well as editors’ picks for restaurants, museums, shops, exhibitions and live music. The online version of this section will become a full-fledged database filled with reader reviews and recommendations.

The new format also introduces new sections such as Guide – offering readers thematic routes around Moscow and the Moscow region. Two new columns, Those Russians and Those Foreigners, will contain essays about life in Russia and interviews with notable and interesting members of the Russian elite and expat community.

The newspaper’s new design will include magazine-style elements, as well as higher quality paper and printing.

While updating its content and design, The Moscow Times will uphold its principles of free and independent journalism. Its website will also be constantly updated so readers can stay current with the latest news.

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