Harvard Business Review Russia in October

The October issue of Harvard Business Review Russia has been released. The rapid development of Internet technology has had a major impact on business and on management in general. One new word that has recently entered everyday speech is “crowdsourcing,” a term that unites approaches to work with organized communities of people. “Yandex ‘probki’” (Yandex traffic jams), “Rospil” (anti-corruption efforts in Russia) and “Grazhdanin nablyudatel” (volunteer election monitors) are familiar and successful uses of crowdsourcing. The most difficult question is: How to use crowdsourcing for business? In the article, “Likes from everyone: crowdsourcing,” editors analyzed strategies and conditions that yield successful results.

Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi of Claremont Graduate University is known as the originator of the concept of optimal experience, or “flow,” by which we experience satisfaction and joy at work. For example, can work in a “sharashka” be interesting and engaging? And in general, under which conditions can people feel the “flow”? Readers will find answers in the interview, “An irresistible attraction to work.”  A special Strategy section combines three articles that examine the most interesting aspects of the topic.

In the regular Dialogues column, scientists discuss the most paradoxical findings of their research. This issue will prove the veracity of the statement: “Help others and you will have more time for yourself.” Learn how to “turn your enemies into friends” in the Personal Effectiveness column.

The making of luxury items is one of the most secretive areas of business. In the First Person section, the CEO of Prada explains how to remain independent despite everything and everyone.

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