New Issue of National Geographic Russia

National Geographic Russia has a surprise for readers in the March issue, with a main feature on Russian dinosaurs. Scientists have long suspected that dinosaurs lived in what is now Russia, and now they have incontrovertible proof of it.

The March issue of National Geographic Russia not only reports on dinosaur fossils that have been discovered, but also brings them to life with the help of new technology — augmented reality. All you need is the latest issue of National Geographic Russia and a smart phone. Download a free application, aim the camera at the illustration in the magazine and the dinosaurs leap from the page into three-dimensional space.

Also in this issue:
The Earth’s population. Twice as many people inhabit the planet today than just half a century ago, and this year we will witness a record high in population growth. However, there is no reason to panic — at least not yet.

Collectors of gold dust. Had nature not created pollen-collecting insects, we would be entirely reliant on plants such as wheat and rice that can spread their pollen with the help of the wind.

The fastest man on earth. Speed skiing world champion Simone Origone doubles as a guide, rescue worker and as a teacher for beginners, but he dreams of skiing 280 kilometers per hour. Will he manage it at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi?

A train through the Alps. The ultramodern 57-kilometer tunnel through the Alps currently under construction will transform the transportation system of Europe by enabling passengers to travel by train from Zurich to Milan in just a little over two hours, compared to the four hours currently required by airplane.

The pterodactyls of Kamchatka. The Steller’s sea eagle is an endangered raptor of the Northern Hemisphere. Why does it always return from warmer climates to Russia, and why does it only breed here, and nowhere else in the world?

Between land and water. It is hard to believe that marshlands are called “the lungs of the world,” But they are, and the giant Polistovsky marshlands handle this role with aplomb. 

The new issue goes on sale March 1.

An advertising campaign in support of the March issue will run on television, radio, in the press and at various exhibitions.

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