Ice Love Party

As per tradition, Yes! celebrated Valentine’s Day with readers on Feb. 13 at the Petrovka skating rink. And, despite the cold, the hearts of everyone attending the Ice Love Party melted, in large part thanks to the special atmosphere created by electrifying MTV host Artyom Korolyov.

All day, fun contests were held on the ice to find the most loving couple, the most artistic figure skater and the skater with the most romantic image. Winners received a new fragrance from Nina Ricci and Me to You teddy bears. Those who did not have time to do themselves up beforehand could do so right on the ice with the help of water-based face paints. The angel couriers were especially popular, and the fate of many couples depended on them because it was the angels who delivered romantic messages that skaters composed out on the rink. Thanks to the angels, the number of loving couples grew as the evening progressed.

A flash mob marked the culmination of the event: Everyone on the ice held brightly-colored balloons, arranged themselves into the shape of a huge heart, and at a command from a Yes! organizer gave each other a big hug.

The “Only for Boys” contest was also incredibly successful. The most courageous young men took the stage and with great effort remembered romantic songs in all the world’s languages. Their determination was understandable: They were fighting not for themselves, but to win an almost six-foot-tall teddy bear for their loved ones!

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