National Geographic Russia in November

The Great Migration is the cover story of the November issue of National Geographic Russia. Why is it necessary for many species of butterflies and birds, as well as animals, to traverse vast distances – provided no human impedes their progress? What makes them risk their lives to cross roads and climb steep cliffs? The November issue answers these and many other questions. Plus, the National Geographic television station has produced a spectacular special film on the subject.

Also in this issue:

The Kingdom of Margush. Russian scientists have discovered a burial complex in Gonur Depe, Turkmenistan containing gold and silver ornaments, ceramics and mosaics that are thousands of years old. What type of civilization rests in the desert? Who could compete with the Egyptian pharaohs and Qing Dynasty rulers for power and grandeur? National Geographic Russia magazine answers that question.

The underwater world of the Japanese Sea. Warm and cold ocean currents clash in the Japanese islands, creating different temperature zones. That is why Arctic sea crabs and tropical sharks can both be found here. This article describes these two very dissimilar worlds.

A disturbing world. With civil war breaking out in Sudan, a 12-year-old boy from the Nuer tribe must undergo a bloody rite originally intended for 18-year-olds. The November issue of the magazine contains this and many other interesting stories.

The new issue goes on sale October 26.

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