Mamas&Papas on Vacation!

The latest issue of Mamas&Papas is dedicated to family vacations. The magazine's editors checked out every great parent-child vacation possible. The formula for a great, all-round good time is simple: Give a little more freedom to your child, and even more important, let yourself completely relax. Find more details on the pages of the July issue of Mamas&Papas.

Also in this issue:
Driving, driving, and more driving. How can you avoid turning that long-awaited vacation into a complete nightmare? The editors studied every angle and discovered how parents could avoid feeling bad for botching a summer vacation. Read more in the lead story of this issue.

Woods and fields. Hiking with your child - an excellent alternative to a resort vacation. The most important thing is to determine an appropriate form of travel and take into account your child's abilities. With the right approach, your little one will enjoy helping to set up the tent, gathering sticks for the fire and even washing out the camp cookware. In the Sport section, you'll find everything a parent needs to know before setting out on a real trek with his or her child.

Bites and stings. Summer is not only a time for sun, sea and plucking delicious raspberries at the family dacha. The warm season is a paradise for biting insects and stinging nettle. What's more, the sun can give your child a serious burn. In Health, readers will find every form of prevention and cure for the full range of bites and stings - from ticks to hogweed.

Also in this issue: coping with children's most common fears; everything about an ecologically conscious upbringing; step-by-step instructions for turning your child into a star; "bad words" - ways to prevent and deal with bad-mouthed youngsters; tips for guinea pig care and much more.

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