Cosmo Magia: Learning to Dance is Easy

Cosmo Magia magazine and Centerpolygraph have released a joint project – a series of books on popular psychology and the art of living easy and being happy.

The first book, “Learning to Dance is Easy” by Yan Galperin, will be presented to the general public on April 17 at GallaDance club where the author works as a dance instructor. Galperin – a runner-up at championships in Russia and Italy, a finalist in Latin American dance championships in France and Moscow, and a participant in the popular “Dance with the Stars” project – is one of only a few dancers who has managed to combine successful performances at prestigious dance competitions with work as a highly-qualified dance trainer. His involvement in helping his students to gradually progress found expression in an entire health-improving system integrated into Latin American dance.

Editor-in-chief of Cosmo Magia Svetlana Gulyayeva said, “It is one of those rare books in which the author makes an attempt (and a highly successful one) to speak about something most people never think about. The psychological nature of dance is complex and emotionally intense,” Gulyayeva said, “and that is precisely why it influences our condition more powerfully than any type of therapy. And,” she added, “it has no side effects besides joy, a nice figure and a good mood!”

To pour out your emotions and to become charged with energy, to learn to go through life with a light step, to trust your partner and yourself – dance can do this for you, and more that you can learn about by reading the new book – and by dancing!

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