Mamas&Papas – New Magazine for Modern Mamas and Papas

The latest addition to the portfolio of Independent Media Sanoma Magazines opens a new category for the publishing house - publications for parents. The first issue of Mamas&Papas was released in March 2009.

Mamas&Papas - the only glossy lifestyle magazine for modern parents with children ages 1-8. It is the first magazine for papas as well as mamas.

In addition to the usual "parenting" themes of health and education, the publication will also test toys for durability, describe the difficult lives of superheroes and resolve eternal parenting problems with enthusiasm. How can you force an idle child to finally clean up his room? How can you persuade a grandmother not to give sweets to your little one behind your back? How do you speak to children as equals? The magazine writes on topical questions of upbringing, development and psychology with a light and humorous style. No moralizing here - raising children is meant to be a joyful and pleasant task.

A small children's booklet is included as an insert in every issue. "Mamas&Papas for Children" is a storehouse of ideas for intellectually stimulating activities for parents and children to enjoy together. Each booklet offers ideas for handicrafts, interesting games and engaging encyclopedic facts, all grouped to a single theme.

The editor-in-chief of Mamas&Papas, Yekaterina Velikina, is the author of a popular blog on and has recently published her fourth book on the ups and downs of motherhood.

Six issues of the magazine will be produced in 2009. The initial print run numbers 80,000 copies. The magazine has 132 pages, and the insert for children is 20 pages. The magazine retails for 80 rubles to 85 rubles.

The magazine will be distributed to Moscow, St. Petersburg and all Russian cities with a population of one million or more. Supermarket chains, kiosks and metro stations are the priority distribution locations.

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