The Holiday Comes Together with Yes!

Every time editors prepare the New Year's issue, they ask themselves, "What can we write on the 'HolidayTheme" that won't sound banal?" How do you get into a New Year's mood when the skies are gray, the streets are full of icy slush, only thin wisps of snow are piled against the windowsills and there is not a single sign of the coming holiday anywhere? The December issue of Yes! turned out to be, if not original, at least practical and useful.

The issue includes a wide array of advice on the following topics:

Gifts. Year in and year out, it is so difficult to think of gifts that are useful, touching, amusing or surprising. The December issue of Yes! gives you a list of such gifts from which to choose.

The right parties. How to organize a party, decorate the New Year's tree, prepare the settee, make the best costume, wrap gifts - and in addition to all of that - become a star. With flair and skill, the following people tell us how: Viktoria Daineko, Dakota, Alexei Vorobyov, Natalia Ranetka and Dino MC.

New Year's attire and make-up. This is always important. It turns out that it is not as difficult as you might think to make yourself the evening's center of attention - in the new issue readers will see a fabulous photo expose titled "Happy (Fashionable) New Year's!"

Making the most cherished New Year's wishes come true. Of course they come true! After all, every year Yes! plays Santa Claus and diligently grants its readers' wishes. You don't have to write a letter to the North Pole or Santa's workshop - just send a letter with your New Year's wish to Yes!

Stories about miracles that, while rare, really do happen. After all, isn't New Year's the time for miracles? Or more accurately, we should live our lives so that miracles happen not just at the New Year, but all year round.

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