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Interest in IT technology has noticeably declined, but its potential is far from exhausted. The authors of the 2008 collection of IT articles from Harvard Business Review -- Russia argue that the IT industry is still capable of generating new solutions that can make businesses more attractive, transparent and productive.

The article “Reverse Engineering Google’s Innovative Machine” by Bala Iyer and Thomas H. Davenport gives a detailed analysis the legendary company. Almost daily, Google announces a new product or function that enables users to bring order to the informational chaos. Readers will learn how the company manages its enormous informational structure.

Another outstanding company of our times,, has become famous for its ability to identify and master new market niches. In an interview with company head Jeff Bezos (who says, “The main thing is to jump into the fray”), he explains how the company creates its successful strategy.

Readers will also find the following articles:

  • The New Generation Weapon -- How to turn IT into a competitive advantage;
  • The Timetable Spurs Initiative -- How to activate employees by the way you give out information;
  • Russia - The New Player on the Software Market -- Can Russia become an influential player on the international market?
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