Advertising Support of Orange's Latest Issue

On September 18, the distribution of a million copies of the autumn issue of Orange magazine started in 373 shops of 20 of the largest Russian cities.

In the publishers' opinion, in 2006 Orange has reached the level of an "adult" project which lives according to the market's rules. For strengthening Orange's position, the permanent rubric "Interview With a Star" appeared in the magazine's second issue. Orange has already published interviews with Irina Allegrova, Larissa Verbitskaya and Daria Dontsova.

In addition, starting with the second issue of 2006, to raise the recognition of the magazine and inform customers on the release of the new issue, bright advertising posters with the new cover are being placed in the majority of shops.

In comparison with the previous issues, the quantity of magazines distributed during the first week has grown by 10%.
The number of shops which displaying the magazine's posters is growing from issue to issue and now makes 206 points of sales.

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