This summer with Popular Lectures

The Popular Lectures series from Popular Mechanics magazine presents a series of lectures by Sergei Mats, psychologist and senior lecturer at the Psychology Institute of the L.S. Vygotsky Russian State Humanitarian University. The lectures will be held on July 1 and10 at 7:30 pm in the summer movie theater of the Muzeon Art Park at Krymsky Val, vl. 2, near metro stations Park Kultura and Oktyabrskaya in Moscow.

On July 1, Mats will deliver a talk entitled “Total recall - is it possible?” How does the psyche select the necessary information from the flood of incoming information? Why is it so difficult to force yourself to concentrate and remember things? Why do today’s children so often suffer from hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder? Why are some events and facts easier to remember than others? To what extent can we trust our memories? If a person loses his memory, must he learn how to ride a bicycle all over again? Is a “super memory” really possible, and how can we develop one?

On July 10, Mats will answer the question: “How do we measure intelligence?” What is human intelligence and why should we measure it? Do we inherit or develop our intelligence?  Can we correlate intelligence with intellect and curiosity with logic? Do gender, nationality and race influence intelligence? Should someone with a high IQ be proud of that fact, and does it offer them any advantages? How do we measure emotional intellect (EQ) and why are employers increasingly interested in it? How is intelligence linked to creativity and social success, and how can we develop those qualities in ourselves?

Admission is 350 rubles and tickets will go on sale just before each lecture. The first 50 people attending the lecture will receive a 30 percent discount on a six-month subscription to Popular Mechanics magazine.

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