Cosmopolitan in June

The main hit of the June issue of Cosmopolitan is a special insert — a pink ribbon that serves as a new identifying mark of true Cosmo girls all over Russia. The ribbon stands for the joy and beauty shared by all those who combine an active lifestyle with the desire to make a positive contribution. Readers are encouraged to join the international Cosmo movement by creatively attaching the ribbon to their hair, handbag or even pet.

In addition, June 20 will be celebrated as Cosmo Day, when flash mobs in cities across Russia will tie ribbons bearing wishes to hundreds of balloons and release them skyward.

But that’s not all: The large-scale national Cosmo movement has only just begun. In the June issue, Cosmopolitan announces that it will be hiring for a series of dream jobs: Cosmo agents in a host of Russian cities. In this way, the magazine inspires confidence among young, goal-oriented women and enables them to support each other in their efforts. Cosmo brings people together!

The June issue also contains a special “Places to Know" section that lists travel destinations for summer and other seasons. They include:

In Russia: Cosmo writers describe non-tourist routes in their own cities, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok;
In Europe: important details for those who want to live there permanently;
Around the world: Cosmo editors list “must see" places and events for their female readers.

Also in this issue:

15 important things you should do before the summer holidays;
The 70 best summer dresses (according to both women and men);
How to learn English in one summer, how to avoid boredom and why it is important to fulfill childhood dreams.

The issue was released for sale on May 14.

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