Popular Lectures Series in June

This June, Popular Mechanics magazine invites you to attend new lectures in the Popular Lectures series.

On June 5, psychologist Sergei Mats will deliver a lecture titled “What does the truth hide?” What does it mean to “tell the truth”? Can there be one truth for you and a different truth for others? Can we truthfully say that everyone has their own truth?

On June 13, psychophysiologist Alexander Vartanov explains why people lie. Why do people frequently embellish the truth? How is fear associated with lying? What compels us to lie, and can a person learn to tell the truth?

On June 19, French physicist Etienne Klein will speak on “The origin of the universe: Was there a specific starting point?” Many people have heard of the Big Bang, beginning from a single moment in time and  resulting in the emergence of physical reality. But what preceded that moment?

On June 26, physiologist Vitaly Fokin asks: “Why does the brain have two hemispheres?” Why did nature give the human brain this particular form? Is it true that the right and left hemispheres contribute unequally to human mental activity? What happens when a particular hemisphere becomes dominant, and is that connected to multiple personality disorder?

The lectures will be held at the 35MM movie theater at 47 Ulitsa Pokrovka and begin at 7:30 p.m. More information is available at www.popmech.ru.

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