Grazia Site Redesigned

Grazia magazine re-launched its site Now the design more closely matches the laconic style of the print publication.

The presentation of materials and the navigation system have changed. Users can now “flip” through the pages of the week’s top stories while still on the home page, and searching for specific material using key word searches has become easier.

The “What’s Your Verdict?” section, a favorite among readers of the print edition of the magazine, is now available in the online version. With this service, registered users can post commentary on the week’s celebrity photo shoots: Now everyone can be a fashion critic. With the “Events” section now a calendar of fashion happenings, site users will never have to wonder how to spend their free time. Another new feature is a video section where users can watch fashion videos and previews of upcoming premieres.

The much-loved “Blogs” section has also been expanded. From now on, users can enjoy reading weekly posts by Grazia editors and special guest blogs in each issue.

Users can post their comments and evaluations of all the material on the Grazia page in Facebook.

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