06 March 2018 / Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan to the Rescue

Cosmo.ru, the site of Cosmopolitan magazine, offers its readers free legal advice. The European Legal Service (ELS) is partnering with the project.

Readers with difficult problems submit their legal questions to lawyer@cosmo.ru. The ELS lawyer Yury Avanesov responds by publishing his legal advice on Cosmo.ru.

At least once in her life, every woman encounters a situation requiring competent legal advice, said Independent Media Business Development Director Tatiana Malysheva. Upstairs neighbors flood her apartment, a stylist ruins her hair color, or a store refuses to take back low-quality goods. But not everyone knows what to do in such situations or where to turn. That is why we launched this project in cooperation with ELS. Now our readers can be confident: Cosmo will help them in any situation!

Legal questions can arise for any woman: defending her honor and dignity, physical safety, personal rights, and more, said ELS Corporate Sales Director Klavdia Skirukha. But often, women dont know to whom they can turn in difficult situations. In order to help them, we teamed up with Cosmo.ru one of the most popular womens sites in Russia to launch a free legal helpline. We look forward to helping the magazines female readers deal with their pressing problems and issues.
Daria Prikhodko – Cosmopolitan group brand manager
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