22 February 2017 / Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics in March

Readers of the March issue of Popular Mechanics will learn if it is already possible to sit on a hoverbike and take off flying.

The Science column offers the article Outdoing God about attempts to optimize humans. In Technology, read A Back-Up Copy of the Planet about efforts by scientists to preserve information for our distant descendants.

In the Weapons section, the article No Alternative looks at the best shotguns in the world for practical use. In the Adrenaline column, Fired Up looks at the first Russian adventurers to compete in the Dakar Rally in an ATV.

In this issue:
Life on a Star: a cold dwarf and its inhabitants.
Amazing Shots: PM presents its awards for the best visual effects in film.
NASAs Venus Machine: how to reach Venus without leaving Earth.
Ships on Underwater Wings: the rebirth of the hydrofoil fleet.
Myths and legends of Stalin-era skyscrapers.

The magazine went on sale February 21. A digital version is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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