News Achieves New Record for Traffic
Site’s monthly audience grew to 4.8 million in September.
20 october 2021
Men’s Health Launched «The Speed of Sound» Podcast
The first episode was devoted to the history of musical sound recording.
12 october 2021
The Fall Issue of Men’s Health: Style Guide and Overcoming Bad Habits
Editors explain how to give up bad habits and acquire good ones. Inside, a special supplement: the Men’s Health Style Guide.
28 september 2021
Men’s Health in September: Man 2.0 — Who is He?
This manifesto issue looks at man in the 21st century. Inside is a special supplement: the Men’s Health Auto & Tech Guide.
24 august 2021
Men’s Health Sees Rapid Increase in Traffic
The audience of the site grew to 3.2 million users in July.
16 august 2021
Men’s Health Show on Radio Maximum
Listen every Wednesday to how to make your life healthier, more interesting and just plain better.
18 june 2021
Men’s Health Heroes and Anti-heroes on Moscow 24
Men’s Health Editor-in-Chief Anton Ivanov made guest appearance on The City: Let’s Talk program.
26 april 2021
Men’s Health in Spring: Relax – health is coming back!
The first issue of the magazine’s relaunch is out.
26 april 2021
Restart of
Experts weigh in on such topics as men’s health, fitness, sports, relationships, nutrition, career and travel – now all in one place.
16 april 2021
Anton Ivanov: «Men’s Health is back because it was missed»
Men’s Health editor-in-chief gave interview to independent Sostav project.
26 march 2021