Esquire in September: The Dreams, Fears and Life of a 20-Year-Old
Also – Woody Harrelson, Oksana Fandera, the author of StalinGulag and the diaries of George Orwell.
17 september 2019
Esquire at Private Screening of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”
Sergey Minaev and Sergey Burunov held public talk before premiere.
20 august 2019
Esquire Issues Invitation to Literary Breakfast
Traditional promotion in Coffeemania in support of August issue.
9 august 2019
Esquire Supports International Emmy Awards
In St. Petersburg, Russian candidates were selected for the prestigious award.
7 august 2019
Esquire’s Literary Issue: Experiments with Popular Genres
Stories by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Kazuo Ishiguro, and Joe Hill, son of Stephen King.
30 july 2019
Esquire in July: 10 Photos that Changed the World
And 3 days from Quentin Tarantino’s new movie.
2 july 2019
On the Town in St. Petersburg for Esquire Weekend
Major festival held for the first time in the city on the Neva.
24 june 2019
Esquire Weekend After-party Festival
The dance party concluded a large-scale event by the brand.
18 june 2019
Third Esquire Weekend Held in Moscow
Ten hours of live discussions and performances, great music, cool speakers and 7,000 guests.
13 june 2019
Esquire in June
Three-cover issue presages Esquire Weekend.
6 june 2019
Esquire Weekend to be Held in Moscow and St. Petersburg
All of the magazine’s columns to be presented in interactive format.
22 may 2019
Esquire Heroes: How it Was
The most striking individuals of 2019 presented at metro party.
27 march 2019
Esquire in March
Magazine presents 12 new apostles of our time—for the third time.
4 march 2019
Esquire in February
Rapper Husky appears on magazine’s double cover.
31 january 2019
Esquire in January
Issue released with two covers.
10 january 2019
Esquire Stories Hosts Open Reading
Guests heard Alexander Tsypkin, Nikita Kukushkin and Yulia Khlynina.
18 december 2018
Esquire Held Public Talk in London
Event was part of Russian Film Week.
6 december 2018
Esquire and Rive Gauche Hold Antidepressant Party
Event was held in honor of perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri’s arrival in Moscow.
5 december 2018
Esquire Stories Project Hosts Dialogues on Business
Sergei Minaev spoke with Vadim Dymov, Boris Zarkov and other entrepreneurs.
4 december 2018
Esquire in November
In this issue – conversations with parents.
1 november 2018