Two Independent Media Projects Receive Digital Communication Awards

Two Independent Media projects were honored at the Digital Communication Awards ceremony on February 21 at the Oko-2 Tower in Moscow.

The VOICE Escapes the New Year! movie won for Best Content Solution. Using a new branded content format, The Voice created a full-length musical featuring the biggest stars of Russian show business.

The project Grazia & Ticket to the Future won for Native/Informational Advertising. The project seeks to expand the range of professions that schoolchildren might consider, updating the list of “dream professions" by sharing real success stories from people working in some of the lesser-known professions.

Last year, two Independent Media brands also won the award.

The Digital Communications Awards, presented by AKMR and the Media Business Publishing House, have been held since 2013. They bring public recognition to the most significant achievements in the field of digital communications. 

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