Cosmopolitan Runaway Bride

The seventh annual Cosmopolitan Runaway Bride event was held in Moscow on May 28 and, like last year, it took place in the Hermitage garden with support from general sponsor Mary Kay cosmetics and accompanied by music from Love Radio.

Guests could stroll through the garden, discuss their concerns with Zhana Alibekova of the Lifeline Center, peak into the Psychic Tent, pull a happy heart inscribed with a life-affirming message from the Cosmo-Macho bag, make a secret wish with the Mary Kay magic heart that guarantees each women will find her mate, try on a floral-patterned wedding dress from Wedding magazine and, of course, admire the brides taking part in the fun and beautiful Cosmopolitan event.

Love Radio DJs Olga Mazhara and Maxim Privalov hosted the event, with the Gradusy, Pizza and Vintage groups supplying music from the stage to maintain the festive mood.

The brides had their own tent where they could try a delicious cake from the Cake Boutique whose talented confectioners specialize in exclusive confectionary products and unique, handmade cakes. The ladies also filled their holiday glasses with Catherine’s Necklace, a light, sparkling pink champagne. Everyone was duly impressed by the drink’s harmonious flavor and floral bouquet.

The culmination of the festival was an art barrage: 30 brides on stage and 70 more standing in front all threw their bouquets in the air simultaneously. The flowers had been provided by the AMF international florists and delivery company, and the bouquets won the approval of Cosmopolitan magazine, the runaway brides and the assembled guests.

The runaways then left the Hermitage garden for a drive around Moscow in six enormous limousines provided, for the seventh year in a row, by the Absolute Crown company. The event ended at the Hard Rock Cafe in Moscow, where the most enthusiastic young women danced until morning — and there were many of them!

The Cosmopolitan Runaway Bride event will be held in 40 Russian cities this year, with a total of approximately 2,000 runaways participating.

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