Domashny Ochag (print version)

Domashny Ochag

During the last few years, Domashny Ochag has become one of the most popular women's magazines in Russia. Domashny Ochag's secret lies in the idea that any woman can find interesting things in it. Permanent sections of the magazine are dedicated to topics that are important for women: family, relations, children, fashion and beauty. At the same time the motto of the magazine is utility.

Each issue of Domashny Ochagcontains much useful and helpful advice from experts in medicine, dieting, teaching, law and design. Professional opinion goes together with stories of common people's experiences. Women who have faced and overcome difficult situations tell their stories on the pages of Domashny Ochag.

The magazine is interactive. Various contests for grown-ups and children are very popular among readers.

Published since 1995
Monthly frequency
180 000 copies

The Domashny Ochag site,, is not only an electronic version of your favorite women’s magazine, but an online community of Domashny Ochag readers.

This is where you can ask questions of Domashny Ochag authors and experts online, comment on articles, create forum topics, participate in contests, take part in polls, watch videos, find answers to your questions about home, family, children, health, cooking and much more.

Online readers will find a gallery of photos not included in the print version of the magazine and enjoy the chance to have live discussions with editors.

Natalia Rodikova ( – Editor-in-Chief
Margarita Tyrina ( – Managing Director
Lyudmila Nikulina ( – Advertising Sales Director
Anna Khiryanova ( – Brand Manager