Harper's Bazaar (print version)

Harper's Bazaar

Originally appearing in the U.S. in 1867, Harper’s Bazaar is the world’s first women’s magazine on fashion, style and society. Harper’s Bazaar also debuted as Russia’s first fashion magazine in 1996. It quickly became a trendsetter for fashion and style in the country and established itself as a guide to the luxury lifestyle for an entire generation of women. Harper’s Bazaar is also known for its unique approach to fashion.

The Harper’s Bazaar motto in “Fashion without rules!” and its philosophy, which sets it apart from other magazines, is to never dictate, force or lecture, but to inspire. The best photographers, editors and stylists in Russia and around the world work to achieve that goal with every issue. The result: each issue of Harper’s Bazaar makes a name for itself with unexpected formats, creative ideas and inspiring images.

Published since 1996
Monthly frequency 
90,000 copies

The magazine has published the special Harper’s Bazaar Art supplement on contemporary art since 2013. Harper’s Bazaar Art magazine offers a fresh perspective on the relationship between the art and fashion worlds. The best artists, art journalists and photographers work together to look at the most memorable exhibitions of the season, engage in interviews with artists and collectors, look at art projects by fashion houses and organize studio photo shoots. Deeply integrated into the fashion industry and the world of contemporary art, Harper’s Bazaar magazine is the only publication in Russia that invites the public to explore the symbiotic relationship between these two fields in fascinating detail.

Harper’s Bazaar Art -  offering a new perspective on the art of fashion!

Published since 2013    
Frequency: 2 times a year   
80,000 copies

The Harper’s Bazaar website, Bazaar.ru, fully represents the timeless image of the publication that for many years has remained one of the world’s most important fashion magazines.

Live broadcasts, backstage looks at fashion shoots and shows, as well as interviews with designers, artists and other key figures in the world of fashion that are featured on the pages of Harper’s Bazaar are published daily in real time on the magazine’s website.

The magazine’s editors are an integral part of the website too, providing coverage of every significant event in the world of fashion, beauty, art and society. The result: readers get accurate, high-quality information seen through the eyes of Harper’s Bazaar editors. In addition, the Bazaar Choice Calendar keeps readers up to date on all the latest events.

The website holds special promotions in which participants can win invitations to society events, exhibitions and theater and movie premieres. The portal also features traditional Harper’s Bazaar columns: Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, the Society Column, Culture and Lifestyle.

In March 2011, Harper’s Bazaar became Russia’s first magazine to release a fashion app for the iPad.

Daria Veledeeva (d.veledeeva@imedia.ru) – Editor-in-Chief
Olga Vetrova (o.vetrova@imedia.ru) – Managing Director
Svetlana Dmitrieva (s.dmitrieva@imedia.ru) – Advertising Sales Director
Svetlana Evstigneeva (s.evstigneeva@imedia.ru) – Marketing Director