Agrotechnika i Technologii

Agrotechnika i Technologii

A specialized magazine for agriculture professionals covering the complete set of tools for effectively running an agriculture business, including new agricultural technologies, their design and methods, the experiences of Russian and foreign companies and comprehensive overviews of popular machines for agribusinesses.

The publications main characteristics are objective information presented in easily understandable language, independent opinions and an accent on examples from the business practices of market participants. The magazine is a quality instrument for solving a large variety of technical and technological questions surrounding production and development.

Published since 2007
Frequency 6 times a year
20 000 copies

Maria Lushnikova – Editor-in-Chief
Natalia Lomova – Advertising Sales Director


Project News
New Issue of  Agrotechnika i Technologii
New Issue of Agrotechnika i Technologii
Main story: Russian agroindustry infrastructure problems.
Agrotechnics And Technologies New Website
Agrotechnics And Technologies New Website
The source writes about goals of agroindustry.
web-editor@imedia.ruPhones: (495) 232 32 00, 232 44 55How to find us: 3 Polkovaya Ul., Bldg. 1