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19 AprilPopular Mechanics in May
In this issue a sculptor who kneads and squeezes cars like putty. 
07 AprilPopular Mechanics on Radio Maximum
Space travel enthusiast Vitaly Yegorov makes guest appearance on Heroes show. 
27 MarchPopular Mechanics Celebrates 15th Anniversary
Magazine runs ad campaign and goes on air with Heroes of PM project. 
24 MarchPopular Mechanics at RoboFest
Magazine serves as the events media partner. 
23 MarchPopular Mechanics in April
New issue devoted to space. 
16 MarchPopular Mechanics Takes Part in Auto Exhibition
Magazine supports First Motors of Russia at the Old-Timer Gallery. 
13 MarchPopular Mechanics Holds Special Screenings of The Big Bang Theory
Screenings at theaters held in cooperation with Paramount Comedy TV. 
22 FebruaryPopular Mechanics in March
In this issue: a Russian hoverbike in action. 
25 JanuaryPopular Mechanics in February
Cover story: the FEDOR anthropomorphic robot system prototype. 
21 DecemberPopular Mechanics in January
In this issue a report from Akademgorokok in Novosibirsk. 
23 NovemberPopular Mechanics in December
In this issue: Russian and U.S. stealth combat aircraft. 
27 OctoberPopular Mechanics in November
This months cover story, Origin of Species, looks at the best scientific illustrations. 
22 SeptemberPopular Mechanics in October
Cover story: how to become a legionnaire of ancient Rome. 
25 AugustPopular Mechanics in September
Magazine releases September issue in new format. 
20 JulyPopular Mechanics in August
Cover story: an interview with Russias first private rocket builders. 
23 JunePopular Mechanics in July
Cover story military robotics. 
02 JuneQuests with Popular Mechanics
Magazine presents Arkada game space. 
01 JunePopular Mechanics Holds Fire Show
Magazine takes part in Polytechnic Museum science festival. 
25 MayPopular Mechanics in June
New issue features an interview with Kalashnikovs lead designer. 
28 AprilPopular Mechanics at Robo Fest
Magazine plays active part in event. 
27 AprilPopular Mechanics in May
Scientific breakthroughs that are radically changing our understanding of life. 
31 MarchAlexander Grek Appointed Editorial Director of Popular Mechanics
23 MarchPopular Mechanics in April
New issue looks at five possible scenarios for the future. 
29 FebruaryPopular Mechanics in March
New issue includes story about the Terrafugia TF-X flying car. 
27 JanuaryPopular Mechanics in February
New issue features article on Su-34 bombers. 
23 DecemberPopular Mechanics in January
Cover story: the Arctic. 
16 DecemberPopular Mechanics Releases Encyclopedia of Modern Weapons
Third volume on the iPad out now. 
25 NovemberPopular Mechanics in December
New issue features the years most interesting technological innovations. 
28 OctoberPopular Mechanics in November
An exclusive interview with famed aircraft designer Burt Rutan. 
25 SeptemberPopular Mechanics School at Gorky Park
Magazine presents new educational project for children. 

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