21 February 2019 / Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics in March

The March issue of Popular Mechanics magazine answers the question: Will Russia produce the raw materials for the MC-21 carbon wing? On the cover: Bionic Russia community founder Konstantin Deblikov, who told Popular Mechanics what awaits us all in the near future.

Also in this issue:
the story of the discovery of chemical elements and the periodic table Ц from antiquity to the present;
dark carnival: the most exotic hypotheses about the nature of dark matter;
generative design: the look of things that a computer dreamed up;
a water map of the universe;
undersea oil: how sea drilling platforms are built;
cybersport is a serious career and a big business.

The issue went on sale February 19.

Maria Belmesova – Popular Mechanics marketing director
Site: www.popmech.ru  
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