31 October 2018 / Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics in November

The November issue of Popular Mechanics looks at the magazines Breakthrough Awards. Also in this issue:

From -170 to 427C: gravity-controlled maneuvers of the BepiColombo probe travelling to Mercury a planet in which only the nucleus remains.
Born to run: why humans are the best endurance runners.
The 10,000-year love affair: PM continues discussing the domestication of animals this time, cats.
When the LHC plays out: the machine that will replace the Large Hadron Collider that has completed the Standard Model.
A way station on the way to the moon and Mars, an orbital resort, or a lone Russian module: what will happen to the ISS when the money runs out?
The SR-10 aircraft with forward-swept wings a small trainer jet.
The Scorpion continuous supply machine gun ribbon: 550 rounds without recharging.
Also: a map of atmospheric soot, a robot surgeon, a civilian freighter drone, and an automatic hammer with a cartridge of nails.

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